TTH 577 602 627 657
HTA 65.9 65.9 65.9 65.9
HTL 95 100 110 120
STA 74.4 74.4 74.4 74.4
STL 392 432 470 508
RC 435 435 435 435
BBD 19 19 19 19
R 407 431 454 481
S 607 612 621 630
*SH 828 828 828 828
WB 1,161 1,187 1,213 1,245
Model Geometry Chart
  • TTH: Top Tube Length – HORZ
  • HTA: Head Tube Angle
  • HTL: Head Tube length
  • STA: Seat Tube Angle – Effective
  • STL: Seat Tube length
  • RC: Rear Centre
  • BBD: Bottom bracket drop
  • R: Reach
  • S: Stack
  • *SH: Standover Height
  • WB: Wheelbase

*We measure Standover Height 200mm forward from the centre of the bottom bracket. It’s measured this way to provide you with the best possible information when looking at frame geometry.

We make every effort to ensure accuracy, but reserve the right to update specifications & prices without notification.


    • Size Specific tune


      Size Specific Tune ensures that riders of all sizes get the right balance of small-bump compliance, mid-stroke support, and end-stroke progressiveness. Our design team does custom shock tunes based on real world field testing, and adjusts each tune for specific frame sizes.

    • FORM™ alloy


      FORM™ tubesets utilize premium materials to meet our strict requirements. Each FORM™ tube that we create is engineered for its specific purpose within the frame, ensuring optimized strength, weight, and ride quality.

    • Smoothlink suspension is efficient yet supple when you’re on the pedals and across a wide range of gears. It features a controlled end-stroke and a rate-curve that feels more capable than the travel would suggest. This four-bar suspension design philosophy is centred on ride characteristics; each bike platform we develop balances variables like anti-squat, axle path, chain growth, rate curve, anti-rise, etc. to achieve the legendary Rocky Mountain ride feel.

    • Smoothwall carbon


      Smoothwall carbon uses one of the world’s most sophisticated carbon processes to deliver industry leading stiffness-to-weight, ride quality, and durability. We eliminate excess resin and fibers by using rigid internal molds instead of traditional air bladders. We then utilize different types of carbon in specific frame areas to maximize stiffness and impact resistance while minimizing overall weight.

We make every effort to ensure accuracy, but reserve the right to update specifications & prices without notification.